We are the most innovating company of the region of Cuyo. Our four business units Agribusiness, Oils, Wines and Food are distinguished through the integration of elaboration processes, state-of-the-art technology, and appropriate tracking of raw materials from our vineyards to your table.

Our facilities include three oil-producing groves, a vineyard, a winery, a healthy food factory and an olive oil factory, the most important in Latin America.

We are Phrónesis Group, an agro-industrial Argentina-based group.


Care of food quality is the principle we apply to design our groves and industrial plants.

We implement our productive processes and train our providers to preserve the properties of the raw material from our vineyards to your table.

Our wines, oils and products are sold in the domestic market and in the world’s most important supermarkets.


SolFrut is a member of PHÓNESIS Group, a group of companies committed to quality and regional sustainable development.

Phrónesis, a world of food.

We protect and promote the
natural development of our land